Replenish Residencies

Replenish Residencies provide restorative visioning retreats to Greater New Orleans’ BIPOC artists and culture bearers 2020 - present

Replenish Residencies provide 1-2 week restorative visioning retreats to local BIPOC artists and culture bearers; the heart of New Orleans culture. In light of the many racial disparities still present in our society at large and the arts economy specifically, we offer these residencies to BIPOC artists to provide time to rest and restore, vision and create. Originally conceptualized at the start of the pandemic, these residencies have evolved from Relief Residencies into Replenish Residencies, shifting from crisis response to ongoing community care. The call is open to BIPOC artists and culture bearers from the Greater New Orleans area who have not attended a residency before.

In 2020 we piloted this program through a nomination process and we have since added an open call to reach wider audiences.