Kristal M2daE Jones 

Artistic Replenish Residencies
Type of work
Performing Artist

Kristal M2daE Jones (pronounced M-to-Da-E) is a self-taught, community-developed choreographer, mover, and instructor. Her style of dance is a blend of many different styles of dance ranging from Hip Hop, Bounce, Contemporary, Latin, and more. With an interest in intuitive/ expressive, healing movement, Kristal believes that the body is our first home, and we have to make it the healthiest and most comfortable space for ourselves by being our full selves.

After receiving her B.A. in Architecture from Southern University A & M College in Baton Rouge in 2009, she went on to pursue her first love of dance as a part of the Dancing Grounds family and has worked as a Hip Hop, Bounce, and intuitive movement instructor with organizations like The Beautiful Foundation, Sistas Making a Change, IWESNola, The Collab NOLA and more.

Headshot by Fernando Lopez