Youth Camps

Kids in the Woods summer day camp interweaves arts with weeklong intensives in environmental sciences.

At Kids in the Woods Camp, youth 7-11 years old learn about their relationship to the natural environment. Through hands-on arts activities children use both artistic and scientific skills to observe, identify and collect natural materials and processes. They then record their experiences through visual arts such as clay, paint, drawing, collage, and sculpture. They develop literary arts through journaling, poetry and storytelling. Campers also engage with performing arts through movement, music, and creating their own plays. Kids in the Woods Camp features guest artists and scientists, providing deeper dives into subject matter.

Activities include:

  • Collecting and studying insects
  • Ornithological choose-your-own-adventure games in the meadow
  • Learning how to identify trees and other plants with our staff botanist
  • Daily nature walks in the woods and on the levee
  • Writing, building sets, creating costumes, and performing their own plays
  • Creating poems inspired by local ecology
  • Making puppets of woodland creatures for a puppet show they write themselves
  • Sculpting clay houses for bugs and frogs
  • Constructing a colorful cardboard forest
  • Creating mosaics out of seeds and sand
  • Documenting their camp experience in a handmade journal
  • Drawing, painting, sewing, sculpture, and more!

Please contact with any questions.