A Studio in the Woods fosters creative responses to the challenges of our time by providing retreat to artists, scholars, and the public in our protected forest on the Mississippi River.

We envision a world where the essential and transformative powers of art and the natural environment are central to a thriving future for all.


  • Wonder: We center art, inquiry and nature to conjure the sublime and open ourselves to new imaginations and perspectives. We embrace curiosity and uncertainty for their creative magic and power to engender self-awareness and growth.
  • Care: An authentic commitment to care propels our protection of place and people. We serve the needs of artists and scholars to allow ample freedom to create. Through tending to our surroundings, we nurture stewardship of our environmental legacy.
  • Inclusivity: Through art we reveal and revere the beauty of all living things. We make space for and cherish the plural identities of each and every individual. We proactively strive to elevate disempowered voices and stand against systems of oppression.
  • Interdependence: We facilitate intimate human connections to the earth, others, and ourselves, and foster interdisciplinary bonds to generate shared understandings. Honesty, esteem, and value for each other drive our collaborative efforts.