Kina B. Joshua

Artistic Replenish Residencies
Type of work
Radical healing

“Throughout my life, I have been attuned to the vibrant signals our bodies express, and the ways those expressions can guide us to create a fulfilling partnership with ourselves. From a very early age, I learned about the body by reading, witnessing conscious healers in my community, and listening to my body. My desire to learn more followed me to college, where I studied Biology-Pre-Med and later to the University of Bridgeport for Naturopathic Medicine. During my studies and personally experiencing health issues, I began to understand and experience the vital role our brain, nutrition, environment, and individual constitutions play in affecting our health. Recognizing patterns, family traditions and how we respond to trauma are intricate in the process of discovering balance. By addressing healing from this perspective, we begin to restore synergy in the body from a place of empowerment with long-lasting effects. When working with individuals and collectives, I focus on guiding you in self-inquiry, listening to your body (intuition), mindfulness, diet and living into what makes you happy. I combine several techniques and practices as we explore your healing journey or lifestyle change to create a protocol uniquely for you.

After leading businesses for over 26 years, I truly believe the well being of employees have tremendous impact on the health of a business. With businesses, I empower you to examine innovative holistic methods for attaining unrealized goals for yourself, co-workers and clients while supporting you in moving past your present paradigm and expand possibilities. Together we explore and co-create a culture that supports healing, wellness, partnership, and diversity. Whether working with individuals or businesses, I practice compassion, intuitive connection, and powerful listening.

While at A Studio in the Woods residency, I will record a workshop on visualization and record meditations.” – Kina B. Joshua

“After being on the premises, I realized that if I did all that I set out to do, I would never have time to rest, observe my surroundings and be with other artists. I changed the schedule after the day I arrived because I was feeling the same pressure that I put on myself when I am in the city. With the pressure starting to subside, I became more creative. The connection with the other artist in residency was life giving. I wasn’t expecting the conversations that I had with the other resident to be so touching, encouraging and inspiring. Surprisingly, I got more done than expected by letting go of what I was supposed to be doing. I danced for the first time in years. Without a plan, I put on music, moved my body and it was perfect. My experience at A Studio in the Woods was magical.” – Kina B. Joshua