David L. Harris

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Performing Artist

David L. Harris is lyricist, vocalist, trombonist, composer and arranger. Harris embodies the edge of modern jazz and the sultriness of blues taking his audiences on an emotionally engaging journey of love and liberation, wrapped in a sound that embraces the groove, grit and swing of the past.

“My time at ASITW was important in ways that I had not anticipated. I came here with many tasks and planning agendas, which I “mostly” accomplished, but while spending nights here I was able to also do nothing. This year has been one in which one could either give up or press on. I’d like to think that I have been pressing on everyday regardless of our world’s situations, especially mentally. A freeing of the mind and relief were available during my stay and I indulged. Not to be viewed as a reset but more as a much needed stop during my journey. The work I intended to create was rooted in my troubles and those around me but as I began to work, well, there weren’t any troubles included. That was important. I hope to return sometime in the future.” – David L. Harris