Greer Mendy

Artistic Replenish Residencies
Type of work
Literary and Performing Artist

Greer Mendy founded and directs Tekrema Center for Art and Culture, a cultural arts organization dedicated to the maintenance, development and perseverance of African and African Diaspora art and culture. She is an independent scholar of African, Caribbean, and Louisiana language, culture and literature. Author of Black Dance in Louisiana – Guardian of A Culture. This work is a book, film documentary and evening length performance. Her forthcoming book has the working title of Naked Appearances. This book is comprised of essays, short stories and poems addressing the relation between art and identity. The residency project is DOMA. It is a performance art work that addresses the issue of violence upon and within the African American community. It decries violent acts of racism and internalized racism against Black people. Post-slavery it examines the New Orleans Mechanics Hall Massacre of 1866; The St. Bernard Parish Massacre of 1868; The Thibodaux Massacre of 1887; the 1972 killing of two Southern University Students killed by Baton Rouge police officers during a peaceful student protest; including 20th and 21st century events. More, the work is an exposé of consciousness and healing. The genres are dance, spoken word, and a series of essays.

“My Studio In The Woods residency exceeded my expectations. The Writer’s Cabin provided balanced solitude and stimulation. I planned to complete a solid outline for my project, but I was able to complete that and another. The physical environment was an inspiration for me both professionally and personally.” – Greer Mendy