Quiana Lynell

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Growing up in small town West Texas, Quiana Lynell grew her appreciation for all types of music and quickly realized music was a way to connect to the world. With a smile that will entrance you and a voice that helps your troubles disappear, Lynell’s vocal dexterity allows her to perform a limitless repertoire. Infusing her classical training with her gospel upbringing she approaches jazz as a storyteller.

Graduating from Louisiana State University’s music department Lynell is able to harness her voice as a true instrument and perform various genres of music with precision and validity. Lynell frequents the stage as a clinician, performer, arranger, bandleader and songwriter. As she has made her way through the music scene Lynell has shared the stage with headline jazz artists such as Herlin Riley, Roderick Paulin, Don Vappie, Mitchell Player and countless local artists and bands. Collaborating and creating lifelong experiences is a passion of Lynell’s, she has been a featured vocalist on various artist recordings. Lynell has performed with the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra as the principle Soprano using the classical side of her voice and has performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival presenting traditional jazz music. She has performed in several musicals throughout New Orleans and Baton Rouge receiving rave reviews.

Lynell’s love for music carries over into all interactions of her life. She spends most of her days curating new musicians as the music instructor at a primary school. She has also created a program wich she shares in clinics nationally, “Made in America: Lyrically Speaking” in which she delves into jazz, blues and traditional American music from the vocalist perspective.

When Lynell takes the stage, she guides the listeners on a journey where “jazz collides with soul” allowing the simplest of melodies to entrance the listener. Lynell creates an environment where love is paramount, emphasizing the importance of self-worth and respect through her music. She speaks uplifting lyrics to those who have been broken hearted and stresses the importance of not letting the past dictate your future. Her new EP entitled “Loving Me” guides the listener through Lynell’s own transformation. The transition to finding her self-worth has lead Lynell on a journey that has also included health and fitness. As the creator of “Musicians Run”, she sponsors weekly meet-ups for musicians to meet and exercise promoting health as a wealth.

Lynell sees each opportunity to share music with any audience as a chance to create memories and build the soundtrack of life. Whether she is leading the band or supporting other artist, she is thankful to have the opportunity to sketch new memories that last a lifetime.

“Sitting on the porch in the rocking swing I was submerged in what felt like Dolby digital surround sound of the symphony made by the frogs and multi-legged creatures weaving in and out of my consciousness, this reminded me of my connection to the world on a larger scale.  I was not bothering the animals and they were completely unbothered by me.” – Quiana Lynell