Christine “Cfreedom” Brown

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Visual Artist

Christine Brown (aka Cfreedom) is a New Orleans artist, activist, and entrepreneur. Her instagram bio reads “a Nola-based, international, universal, queen-yeyo, photographer-filmmaker kickin in the door for young black women in film and photography to come through 2”. She is the owner of Cfreedom Photography, LLC, a photography and videography production company and WCWM: Who’s Coming With Me, a unity movement and membership based company dedicated to supporting and uniting Black artists, businesses and youth. Cfreedom is the founder of Black Youth Project 100’s New Orleans chapter (BYP100 Nola), the first chapter in the South. She is the founder of The Essence of N.O.W. a photography party celebrating New Orleans women, (set to release as a short film in 2020). She is the creator of the call to action t-shirts “Put Your Money Where Your Melanin Is”. She is a proud mother of a son, an educator to many young people in New Orleans, and a freedom fighter for the cause of all things righteous.

“I needed this stillness in the woods. It was right on time. It connected to some on-going work I have been doing with various organizations around water, the Mississippi River, nature, climate change, healing etc. I brings so much into perspective for me… What I will remember most about my residency are the windows. Through the windows I have found so much peace and the thoughts of infinite possibilities… I guess the one thing that can top the windows, would be to have the 93 year old co-founder still living here and moving around freely at this space he and his wife created. To know that my mentor and former employer, Carol Bebelle, was employeed by Joe Carmichael and that was her first job. She told me that he really believed in her. This perspective shows me just how round the world is because here I am at a space created by a person who believed in my mentor. Meanwhile, my mentor is the reason I stand so firmly in the words, ‘I am an artist. I am a photographer. I am a filmmaker. I am a Black artist, business, and youth advocate.'” – Christine “Cfreedom” Brown