Nikkisha K. Napoleon

Replenish Residencies Artistic
Type of work
Literary Artist and Scholar

Nikkisha K. Napoleon is a poet, essayist, and scholar. Affectionately known as Momma Nikki, she is a 2008 graduate of Southern University at New Orleans, where she earned a dual Bachelor of Science in English and History. She is a renowned New Orleans poet, and has served as a panelist and presenter on numerous education, health, and women’s conferences. In her role as a creative writer and poet, Nikkisha has worked collaboratively with youth organizations in New Orleans, addressing the issues of social justice, sexual health, culture, gun violence, and women’s rights. Nikkisha is a lifelong writer, and has been instrumental in utilizing her poetic gifts to create healing circles for young women, helping them to amplify their voices through spoken word. Nikkisha is notable for her playful and whimsical colorful poems, weaving in the beauty of New Orleans culture. During her residency, she worked on her poetry collection, Hopscotch Hucklebuck Summers.