Endaira Rellek

Artistic Replenish Residencies
Type of work
Multidisciplinary Artist

Endaira Rellek, aka Ariadne M. Keller, is an emerging, ancestrally gifted artist whose heritage is deeply rooted in Southern Louisiana. She learned to see the beauty in nature while spending time with her paternal grandmother, Jessie Mae Boudoin Keller, in Vacherie, La. Her passion for creative arts was cultivated by her maternal grandmother, Rosemary Rounds Jackson, a gifted educator, writer and pianist.

While Endaira has always been creative, it was a life-changing experience that compelled her to finally “put some paint on canvas”. Channeling the energy of her female ancestors, she reveals the silent strength and bold beauty of a woman in her art. When you get the opportunity to see her creations, interpret them as you wish. There’s no limit to what you might envision and there’s certainly no limit to Endaira’s level of creativity. A self–proclaimed “Jill of all Skills”, she retains a diverse portfolio that includes canvas, wood, handmade jewelry and creative writing.

While in the woods, Endaira focused on completing a series for an upcoming art show and working on Panic in the Projects: A Horror Anthology.