Nia DeCoux

Artistic Replenish Residencies
Type of work
Writer, Educator, and Activist

Nia DeCoux (she/her) is a writer, educator, and activist who believes that storytelling and teaching should be the same practice. Her work has been honored by the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts and the National Black Arts Festival.

Nia currently teaches English at a New Orleans charter school focused on environmental stewardship. She has been writing her whole life— her work explores themes of activism, intersectionality and sustainable social change. Nia is the creator of Revolutionary Rest: Bedtime Stories for Activists from Ancestors and TeenTours NOLA. She’s in the process of completing her first novel. Nia loves secondhand shops, trying new foods, and those unexpectedly beautiful conversations you have with strangers on a bus. She lives in New Orleans with her partner, two dogs and a cat.

While in the woods, she worked on launching her sleep stories podcast.