Walter Sandifer III

Artistic Replenish Residencies
Type of work
New Orleans Masking Indian

Walter Sandifer III is one of Louisiana’s most significant gems of culture here in New Orleans formerly known as Balbancha (the land of many tongues). Being born into the New Orleans masking tradition, Walter has been encouraged to create an opulent lifestyle through his heritage.

He has made the tradition of masking his lifestyle here in New Orleans, working closely with middle schools to teach students how to sew and drum the rhythm of the masking Indian, along with partnering with his father, Big Chief Beautiful, to hold sewing classes for the public.

The 26-year-old emerging artist is determined to give back to artists all over the world as he expands his vision of masking to fashion and other forms of art. Spy Boy Walter of The Beautiful Creole Apache tribe used his time in the Woods to separate himself from typical carnival season distractions and come closer to his heritage while finishing his beautiful suit in time for Mardi Gras morning 2023.