Julia Kumari Drapkin & Lindsey Wagner

Artistic Adaptations: Living with Change
Type of work
Visual Arts
Louisiana, Massachusetts

Julia Kumari Drapkin and Lindsey Wagner are founding members of ISeeChange, a global online platform and app where citizens can observe and discuss what they notice changing in the environment and the ways those changes impact their lives. Julia and Lindsey facilitated a community-curated art series dedicated to understanding Gentilly’s changing environment. The series incorporated participatory installations and citizen science investigations on neighborhood-specific flooding issues to address community questions on how their changing environment impacts daily life. Research and interviews they collected from community members, Sewerage and Water Board officials, and Gentilly Resilience District project planners were included in a story telling event hosted by Laine Kaplan-Levenson and featured on NPR.

Julia Kumari Drapkin is a radio, television, and multimedia producer based in New Orleans who developed ISeeChange out of covering natural disasters and climate change science across the globe and in her own backyard. Lindsey Wagner is a designer and artist based out of Boston who focuses on community-centered design and awakening curiosity about the natural environment around us.