ISeeChange featured on Pelican Bomb

July 11, 2018

ISeeChange is an initiative led by Julia Kumari Drapkin and Lindsey Wagner that uses the Internet to connect personal observations with larger investigations into the effects of climate change.

News headlines avowing imminent environmental catastrophe float around like wayward icebergs. Carbon emissions are on the rise, as are sea levels. We lurch into another hurricane season with last year’s devastation in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico still in mind. California continues to grapple with fires, and in New Orleans, the ongoing conversation sparked by failed pumps during last year’s flooding highlights both institutional incompetency and infrastructure failure. And yet, in spite of the urgency of these catastrophes all over the world, we face collective paralysis in determining how to reform our relationship to consumption, to weather, to water. A group of journalists, researchers, designers, software developers, and artists led by Julia Kumari Drapkin and Lindsey Wagner, created the online portal ISeeChange to engage citizens in observing weather events. Kumari Drapkin, who lives in New Orleans, and Wagner, who lives in Boston, were residents at A Studio in the Woods last year where they explored creative placemaking as it related to flooding in the Gentilly neighborhood. Click here to read the full article.