Lisa Settles

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New Orleans, LA

The main focus of Dr. Lisa Settles’ clinical work is on the treatment of children under the age of six with a variety of emotional, relational, and developmental problems. Dr. Lisa Settles is the program director, lead psychologist, and grant writer for The Tulane Center for Autism and Related Disorders (TCARD).

Dr. Lisa Settles is dedicated to developing a multidisciplinary team to provide evaluations and treatment to children on the autism spectrum.  Another goal of the clinic is to train the next generation of providers for working with individuals on the autism spectrum. Dr. Lisa Settles’ current position allows for collaboration with schools and other agencies to do community trainings on important topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Dr. Lisa Settles is also part of a team of supervisors for the Pediatric-Psychiatry Consultation Liaison Service at Tulane-Lakeside Hospital.  Her primary role in training includes acting as the supervisor for the Pediatric Psychology Intern and teaching didactic series on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Psychological Testing/Assessment.