ChE and kei slaughter

Adaptations: Living with Change Artistic
Type of work

ChE and kei slaughter worked on “The People Can Fly,” a land-responsive performance ritual rooted in Queer Afro-Indigenous cultural strategies to address issues of climate gentrification, environmental racism, and land displacement for communities most impacted by climate adaptations.

ChE is a proudly Queer, Gender-expansive Afro-Indigenous artist-healer, educator, and movement organizer. They weave ancestral ritual, liberatory facilitation, and socially-engaged artmaking to transform systems of oppression and conjure expansive worlds of Freedom!

kei slaughter is an interdisciplinary performing artist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music therapist. Born and raised in New Orleans, they believe in the power of music to carry ancestral medicine, conjure freedom, and activate sustainable joy.