Jermaine Robinson

Artistic Special Collaborations Inspiring Health Justice
Type of work
Visual Art

“My name is Jermaine Robinson, I go by the name of the ART HSTLR, I am a 22 year old acrylic painter from New Orleans, LA. Growing up in New Orleans, a city full of creatives, culture, art in all forms, and miles of inspiration, the artists that I’m used to seeing around and from here tends to put signs, symbols, and architectural aspects in their work related to or signifying the city, which are things I mostly move away from. This is mainly because I’ve always wanted the art that I create to be more distinct from the other. However, I am coming to the realization that I have my own style and way of creating that already sets me apart from everyone else. 

I was always fascinated with designer and street fashion, beautiful women, red roses, and capturing the everyday life of grinding and getting money through the eyes of the ART HSTLR. The world of HSTL is the imaginative world I am creating with my art. In this world I express my inner feminine side and interest through the women that I paint and create; my sense of loss of identity through the censor bar, and the alluring habit of mending many broken hearts with the drug of love, that I use the red roses to represent.

Doing my residency at A Studio In the Woods provided me a different atmosphere, allowing me to tap into a deeper connection with myself and my art. This experience pushed me to take a step into nature, inspiring me to create and construct my art in a different direction and style from the usual work that I am used to producing that I am now exploring.” – Jermaine Robinson

Jermaine was a student artist participant in Inspiring Health Justice: A Collaborative Art-Science Scholar-in-Residence Program.