Jason Chaffin

Restoration Residencies Artistic
Type of work
Installation Artist, Musician

Jason Chaffin grew up across 36 states and 4 countries. He received his BFA in photography from Kansas City Art Institute and a MFA from the University of New Orleans. His work is based upon his diversity of personal experience regarding the agreement and disagreement of the truths of the individual social and environmental systems of our world.

“The inspiration from the Studio is everywhere. The batturement: walk it as far as it goes and be amazed. The river: sit and never want for looking. The ships: peruse their industrial majesty. The forest, at day and night: alive with sound and activity and awe-inspiring post-storm geometry and paradigm. There is no shortage of source for inspiration. For me, the tranquility and interaction of the forest, the ships and their ants, the river that I love to tears. Everything I needed was here.” – Jason Chaffin