Aaliyah Arnold

Artistic Special Collaborations Inspiring Health Justice
Type of work
Visual Art

“My name is Aaliyah Arnold, I am a 20 year old photographer and printmaker from Jeanerette, Louisiana. My inspiration for my art has always been the raw and unfiltered world, and life experiences. My love for art started like many others probably has, I picked up my phone one day and took a picture of a plant, and fell in love with the idea of doing it forever. I’ve since expanded into printmaking as a second medium.

When creating my art I am in my most vulnerable state, which tends to produce very emotional pieces for me. Art has always been my cool down from the world around me, it’s my therapy. I almost always have some part of myself within my work, it is my way of sharing bits and pieces of my life with the world. My process of creating art is much like the world around me, it can get messy and frustrating until something beautiful comes from it. That is the best part of art for me.” – Aaliyah Arnold

Aaliyah was a student artist participant in Inspiring Health Justice: A Collaborative Art-Science Scholar-in-Residence Program.