Image Credits

2022-23 Annual Mailer

  1. Ida Aronson, photo by Fernando Lopez
  2. Endaira Rellek, self-portrait
  3. Karen-Kaia Livers
  4. Marko Salvaggio
  5. Cory Diane
  6. Niki Franco, photo by Nicole Combeau
  7. Gian Smith
  8. Indira Harris
  9. Megan Faust
  10. Stephanie Porras, photo by Sean Fader
  11. Walter Sandifer III
  12. Akilah Toney
  13. Nia DeCoux
  14. John Lacarbiere III, photo by @visiblevibez_
  15. Gaudalupe García
  16. CC Molaison
  17. Simi Kang, photo by Falu Bakrania
  18. Quintron and Miss Pussycat, photo by Caitlyn Ridenour
  19. Zandashé Brown, photo by Lee Laa Ray Guillory
  20. Hye Sea, photo by Elif Fatima
  21. Lisa Calvente
  22. Kenneise Franklin
  23. Brandon Ballengée, photo by Rusty Costanza
  24. Jason Todd, photo by Connor Elsea
  25. Sunni Patterson
  26. Stephanie Felder, photo by Kun Shun
  27. Rachel Lin Weaver
  28. Michelle Foa, photo by Paula Burch-Celentano
  29. Torbjörn Törnqvist, photo by Vicki Mayer
  30. Leslie Haas
  31. Nailah Jefferson, photo by Laurie Sumiye
  32. Jerome Dent
  33. Laurie Sumiye, self-portrait
  34. Felipe Cruz
  35. Sidiki Conde and Wowo Sakouli
  36. Devin Wright
  37. Zeelie Brown

All photos courtesy of the artists

From top left:

  1. Spy Boy Walter Sandifer III of the Beautiful Creole Apache, photo by Jose Cotto, 2022
  2. Turtle, John Lacarbiere III
  3. Station Ohr O’Keefe, Quintron, 2022
  4. Brandon Ballengée holding a preserved fish, photo by Rusty Costanza
  5. Doors 1,2,3,4, Kenniese Franklin
  6. House of Glass, Laurie Sumiye, 2012
  7. Aerial photo of the Mississippi River at A Studio in the Woods, Jose Cotto