Wendy Gaudin

Emerging Writers’ Residencies Artistic
Type of work
Literary Artist

Wendy Gaudin is an essayist, a beadworker, a poet, an American historian, and the proud descendant of Louisiana Creoles who migrated to California. Her nonfiction writing delves into the themes of race and belonging, skin color and ancestry, colonialism and family narratives, migration, sexuality, oral history, and hybridity. While in residence, Gaudin worked on her original manuscript, “Creole: A Brief History of Louisiana People,” which is under contract with LSU Press. She also supplemented her writing with beadwork, which is connected with Creole culture and history. Photo by Bart Everson.

“The surrounding environment supported my writing because the only ‘distractions’ were inspirational to my writing process. The vultures circling in the skies above the Writer’s Cabin were mesmerizing; it felt like they were watching over me. Being so close to the Mississippi River is magical and, because I’m writing about New Orleans history and people, it is an important place to ponder and to imagine. I’m grateful for ASITW for focusing specifically on Gulf Coast, Mississippi River, and Louisiana subject matter — it is so important that Deep South artists and writers have a space like this to contemplate, to explore, and to focus.” – Wendy Gaudin