Tory Tepp

Artistic Changing Landscapes
Type of work
Installation Artist

Fourteen volunteers joined Tepp in “artscaping” a 10-foot flatbed trailer into the form of a boat. The Spirit Ferry Project built community and investment in sustainable urban agriculture; the boat’s cargo included soil, seeds, and the tools needed to plant living installations in its wake.

Torry Tepp holds a B.A. in Painting from Parsons and an M.F.A. in Public Practice from Otis College of Art and Design.  His projects focus on urban agriculture, informal economies, alternative and recycled materials, and the combination of traditional studio practices with public art and community organizing.

“As I began to develop relationships with people and with different communities within the New Orleans area it became clear how precious time was to the potency of any art project, especially within the realm of community-engaged practice. For any real change to be effected, change at a personal level, relationships need to be established, relationships that are built on trust and respect and mutual understanding.” – Tory Tepp