Tanner Menard

Bulbancha Residencies
Type of work

Tanner Menard is a multifaceted artist – a poet, composer, and Kundalini Yoga instructor. He is the visionary behind UBU Yogic Tech, an innovative online coaching platform that collaborates with artists to bolster creativity and further human evolution. With a prolific output, Tanner has released eleven albums of experimental music, a chapbook, and is on the verge of unveiling his contrapuntal visual and sound poetry project, ‘the poet’, under the banner of Post Asemic Press and Full Spectrum Records.

Currently pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Tanner is also deeply immersed in the realm of cultural futurity. As a former tribal council member for the Atakapa Ishak Nation, he has actively contributed to language restoration initiatives and remains a custodian of traditional teachings. His academic pursuits aim to bridge the wisdom of ancient sentience and relationality with contemporary philosophical discourses. Self-identifying as a futurist and radical syncretist, Tanner is profoundly committed to a life of post-polarity-unity.