Sarah Quintana

Artistic Ebb & Flow
Type of work

Quintana used water as an instrument in composing and recording a dozen new songs. She transformed her studio into a mixed media sound installation with a number of professional and home made instruments for a collaborative performance. She invited the general public and children of all ages to play and be recorded alongside professional local musicians. The Delta Demitasse, the musical series she developed during her residency, was performed live and exhibited as a video installation at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.

A graduate of Ben Franklin and Loyola in New Orleans, Sarah Quintana also received a CODOFIL scholarship to study in France. Quintana tours with the project Omax to Lomax and La Companie Nine Spirit led by saxophonist Raphael Imbert from Marseille. Her first album of Jazz originals, The World Has Changed, was released in May, 2013.

“I came here with some clear intentions, of making music with water: composing songs, experimenting with cups bowls, mason jars and singing bowls.  This residency has been one giant lost and found sound ceremony.  My work needed opening, experimentation, new instruments, more listening, and water.  It needed to be honest.  It needed to be outside and awake at 4 am.  It needed to be shared with others and given away.  It needed to happen right here in the heart and hands.” – Sarah Quintana


Photos by Elsa Hahne
Courtesy of off beat Magazine