Rachel Lin Weaver

Artistic Rising: Climate in Crisis
Type of work
Interdisciplinary Artist

Rachel Lin Weaver is an artist whose work spans video, installation, sculpture, and performance. Weaver’s creative interests relate directly to an upbringing in rural Alaska and West Virginia, and their projects explore intersectional identity, queer/trans embodiment, memory, and interdependence. They find many useful metaphors in the natural world. Weaver’s work has been exhibited in 40 countries, and they have held residencies at the Indiana Dunes, the Weight of Mountains Filmmaking Biennial, the Santa Fe Art Institute, the University of Utah Taft-Nicholson Center, and the Icelandic Textiles Centre. They regularly collaborate with Indigenous communities toward creative media sovereignty and the preservation of intangible cultural memory. Weaver received an MFA at Indiana University Bloomington and a BA at Berea College. A member of the Tiger Strikes Asteroid network, Weaver is also the Director of Cinema Reset, the XR and Emerging Media program of the New Orleans Film Festival. They have forthcoming exhibitions in London, Brooklyn, Santa Fe, and Addis Ababa. Weaver currently lives and works in the mountains of Appalachia where they are an Associate Professor of Creative Technologies at the School of Visual Arts at Virginia

While in residence, Weaver worked on MOSQUITO DANCE. Created through partnerships with tropical medicine researchers, entomologists, and Native elders, MOSQUITO DANCE is a two-part experimental short film and video/projection mapping installation. Looking closely at mosquitos as vectors and cultural symbols, the project contends with disease history in New Orleans and the greater American South, climate crisis-caused tropical disease spikes (which correlate to booms in mosquito population), and Louisiana American Indian community resilience in the face of climate crisis.