Dr. Michael White

Artistic Open Call Residencies Restoration Residencies
Type of work
Composer, Musician

Dr. Michael White, a renowned clarinetist, composer and jazz historian, has been a pioneer in perpetuating the origins of traditional New Orleans jazz. Among the most respected musicians in the Crescent City, White is one of only a few clarinetists to explore and develop an original manifestation of the unique New Orleans clarinet tradition. White’s album Blue Crescent, his first post-Katrina CD, features twelve original compositions written while in residency at A Studio in the Woods. Currently, Dr. White holds the Rosa and Charles Keller Endowed Chair in the Humanities/New Orleans Music and Culture at Xavier University, where he has taught for over 30 years. Dr. White frequently lectures, publishes and is a consultant for numerous jazz programs, documentaries and feature films.

“On Blue Crescent I feel that I was able to reach a new level of expression for traditional jazz improvisation through new works, which create a mosaic of New Orleans culture, history, people and spirit. None of these songs, the resulting recording, or my new heightened sense of artistic direction would have been possible without the Restoration Residency. I now understand what the “restoration” residency means: restoration of one’s soul, spirit, dignity, self-confidence, lost gifts, … and life. “ – Dr. Michael White

“Learning the importance of nature, isolated space and time, and a peaceful environment in finding inspiration and developing creativity is the most important legacy of my residency. My experiences at A Studio in the Woods have forever changed the way I approach song writing and have given me a deeper understanding of musical improvisation that fuels my playing and had jumpstarted a path of growth and development that will probably bear rich fruit for the rest of my career.” – Dr. Michael White