Maaliyah Papillion

Artistic Bulbancha Residencies
Type of work
Interdisciplinary Artist

Maaliyah Papillion is a Creole and Indigenous actress, singer, model, third-generation healer from a long line of Indigenous leaders, and an enthusiastic enrolled member of the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Southwest Louisiana.

She infuses her unique experience into her art expression with a goal of unifying others who can relate to her life. She has a book of poetry coming out in 2024 written in her native language, Ishakkoy, in which she focuses on retelling her ancestors’ stories in modern ways. She looks forward to being on the land her ancestors once occupied, as she formulates in her book, songs, and art in peace.

During the residency, she plans to use her time in the woods to connect with nature by forming a deeper understanding of how to incorporate its elements into her work. Through the creation of sustainable smoke cleansing bundles and prayer fans, Maaliyah hopes to encourage more people to embrace their heritage through the creation of art.

Headshot by Taylor Hunter