Larkin Page

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Dr. Larkin Page, Associate Professor/Researcher, Division of Education-Xavier University of Louisiana, holds a Ph.D. in Reading/Literacy. He is a former elementary school teacher in diverse urban settings. These experiences contribute to his research interests that in the context of Literacy/Reading acquisition include: early childhood education through adult education, English Language Learners, diverse learners, talented/gifted students, assessments, and teacher preparation program dynamics including various teaching challenges. Educators teaching informational texts to students are one of these challenges. Informational texts comprise the majority of reading for all persons but these texts can create reading difficulties. Dr. Page addressed this research topic for his residency by surveying and interviewing alternative certification teachers of their understanding, usage, and teaching of informational texts within urban classrooms.

“My uninterrupted, focused time at ASITW allowed me to complete a research manuscript for publication in a national educational journal. The ASITW staff created a welcoming, comfortable writing environment which allowed me to immerse myself in my research.” – Larkin Page