Jessica Liddell

Scholarly Retreats
Type of work

Jessica Liddell participated in a scholarly retreat in fall of 2018 where she continued work on the literature review for her dissertation.

Originally from Logan, Utah, Jessica Liddell completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Reed College, in Portland, Oregon. Her undergraduate research thesis focused on the role gender norms have on perceived competence and hirability in higher education. Jessica also worked as a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis hotline operator in Portland. After completing her B.A., Jessica spent two years traveling and working in South America, the Middle East, Europe and Southern Asia. During her time abroad Jessica volunteered for 88bikes, an organization that provides bikes to sexually trafficked girls and women.

Jessica attended graduate school at Tulane University where she completed a Masters in Public Health, with a focus on program design and implementation, and a Masters in Social Work, with a focus on disaster mental health. For her MSW, Jessica conducted a needs assessment on the importance of community learning coursework in social work. For her MPH, Jessica participated in collecting and conducting analysis of data from the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance project and investigated the association between knowledge of one’s Hepatitis C status and injection drug use risk behavior. In addition to volunteering for the New Orleans Syringe Access Program, Jessica worked for NO/AIDS task force while in New Orleans. She continues to volunteer as a HIV counselor and tester for NO/AIDS.

Prior to joining the CCC program in 2014, Jessica spent a year working and interning for USAID and MSH in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and for the Population Council in Mexico City, Mexico. Her current research interests include making health services more responsive to community needs and input, in addition to general interests in sexual and reproductive health, reproductive justice, and harm reduction service models. Jessica has a passion for travel, hanging out with her pets, and wearing glitter as frequently as possible.