Jan Mun

Artistic Flint & Steel: Sparking Cross-disciplinary Combustion
Type of work
Visual Arts
New York

Jan Mun collaborated with Howard Mielke and his Lead Lab to revision and activate best practices for lead testing and soil remediation through a site-specific installation. Neighborhood leaders helped identify a community garden in the Treme with a high lead content that Jan remediated with the assistance of community members. Jan used her stipend to underwrite clean soil and provide free cap and cover landscape fabric to residents whose soil tested high for lead toxicity if they would come out to help in a day of service at the community garden. Howard and Jan plan to continue their work together with projects in New York, Minnesota, and Washington.

Jan Mun is a media artist that creates social sculptures working with digital and living media. The landscape has become her framework to unfold stories about others and herself by using a combination of artistic and scientific processes that manifest in the form of interactive installations, photography, performance, and bio-art. Jan creates interfaces to elicit participation as a reflection and critique of our political and social systems.

“I was supported not only with time and space but dedicated individual attention by the staff to help realize my project goals, which would have been impossible otherwise. Through regular open dialogue they were able to make suggestions about opportunities or connect me to people I may find helpful during the entire project process.” – Jan Mun

“The low-lead soil looks much like the contaminated soil so the message is subtle, but the meaning was made very clear to the community of gardeners and her enthusiasm will continue to inspire the ground swell of change to begin to make the Earth whole again in Treme.” – Howard Mielke