Guadalupe García

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Guadalupe García specializes in the history of cities and colonialism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her research examines the intersections of colonialism, empire, and urban space and focuses on free, black, and enslaved peoples in Havana. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Latin American Studies and Cultural Studies. García’s fellowships and awards include a Distinguished Fellowship at the CUNY Grad Center’s Advanced Research Collaborative and research and digital fellowships at the John Carter Brown Library in Providence, Rhode Island.

She has also held a Transatlantic Research Fellowship at the University of Warwick in the UK. With Lisa B.Y. Calvente, she worked on a collaborative research project focused on rural migration to Havana undertaken by women of African descent during the economically fraught decade of the 1990s.

Rather than examine women as the sites on which the economic tensions affecting Cuba are written, they proposed a woman-centered genealogy of Cuba’s Special Period; one that emphasizes how colonialism and its racial hierarchies have shaped women’s representation, mobility, and their lived experiences and migration stories in the urban landscape.