Devin Wright

Scholarly Retreats
Type of work

Devin Wright is in the interdisciplinary City, Culture, and Community PhD program at Tulane University. Her research revolves around critically understanding the material and symbolic relationships between climate, (urban/peri-urban) environment, social structure (particularly gender), and everyday lived experience. She employs a variety of methodologies, primarily spatial and qualitative, to complete my work. Her dissertation explores the uneven ways that urban and peri-urban agricultural producers in the New Orleans area are experiencing the climate crisis and its socioecological manifestations.

She is particularly interested in understanding the gender dynamics at play and women’s roles/experiences within this climate-impacted agricultural space.

Wright used her time in the Woods to take a break from her dissertation and work on a collaborative passion project with her colleague Megan Faust. They worked on mapping potholes in the city of New Orleans and theorizing what these urban scars mean in terms of residents’ citizenship, particularly infrastructural citizenship.