Daniel Winkert

Artistic Pilot Residencies
Type of work

Daniel Winkert (Wink) is an architect and planner who came to New Orleans at the age of 18 (having spent his previous life in Maryland and Tennessee). Graduating from Tulane University School of Architecture, Wink then began a career of defining his architectural work in terms of how it rests between the natural world, the evolved societal ways of creating our built environment, and the ways in which those can and do grow and change together. He continues to practice for John C. Williams Architects in addition to learning how to raise a family.

In January 2003, Winkert organized a multi-disciplinary symposim to create a physical master plan for A Studio inthe Woods. He spent four weeks as an architect-in-residence.

“Being able to take the time to sit in nature and envision how others will eventually function in the environment was a luxury that I wish could be afforded on all building projects. It would make our world much more harmonious (and beautiful!).”- Daniel Winkert

“My work with A Studio in the Woods has had a profound impact on the way I approach design and in evaluating my role in the built and natural environment. Having the chance to live intimately in a setting, observing the patterns of light, air, vegetation, water, and wildlife allowed me to have a much greater understanding of our impact on the earth. The experience has broadened my possibilities in the design profession, expanding from the details of typical architecture to the overall arching principles of planning and design – including its full impact on our society and the environment” – Daniel Winkert