Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien

Artistic Ebb & Flow
Type of work
Installation Artists

McCormick and O’Brien worked with local grassroots environmentalists to invent a reusable cage to protect cypress seedlings from invasive rodents, placing dozens of these cages along the coast as a remedial art installation. Rigorous in their research, the artist team spoke with dozens of organizations, scientists and specialists in preparing for their project.

Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien create sculptures that have a part in influencing the ecological balance of compromised environments. They are an artist team who collaborate to create environmental art installations that have a remedial trajectory.   Daniel McCormick was educated at the University of California, College of Creative Studies and has a B.A. from UC, Berkeley College of Environmental Design. Mary O’Brien has a B.A. in Political Science from Marquette University and a Certificate in Studio Arts from UC Berkeley.

“By focusing on a series of site-specific activities employing protective components, we conducted an inquiry into the relationships between people, land, and water.  We sought ways to give aesthetic weight to the restoration process of coastal wetlands in Southern Louisiana.  We worked to design a project that could serve as a catalyst for public engagement and involvement.” – Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien