CC Molaison

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CC was born and raised in New Orleans. Her paternal grandfather’s family has lived in Algiers for eight generations, and her grandmother’s family is from Panama. Her mother’s family lives at the other end of the Mississippi River, in Minnesota. While at the Studio, CC worked on her novel about climate change, written discourse, and family stories set in New Orleans, Norway, and Panama.

CC Molaison’s story “How to Haunt” was published in Stranger’s Guides, a literary travel magazine. The story chronicles the thoughts and memories of a man riding home from work on the Canal St. streetcar. CC was awarded a Studio in the Woods residency and an Achievement Prize for Excellence in Creative Writing for her thesis collection Domesticating Wildlife. The collection is a series of interrelated stories, following characters as they reencounter people from their childhood and are impacted by the current events in New Orleans. CC has worked in restaurants around the city for over 6 years and in 2020 was awarded a Tulane CELT grant to write a collection of stories about the lives of service industry folk.