Alexander Burin

Scholarly Retreats
Type of work

A professor in the School of Science and Engineering, Alexander Burin’s research is in three areas of theoretical physical chemistry. The first area involves collaborative investigation of charge and exciton transport in DNA affected by the environment (solvent), charge-induced molecular reorganization and external laser or microwave fields. The second area involves optical energy transport, conversion and dissipation in inhomogeneous disordered or partially ordered arrays of nanoparticles. The third area deals with inhomogeneous kinetics and thermodynamics in amorphous solids and complex molecular systems. While in residence he collaborated with colleagues on research targeted to resolve the long-standing problem of the nature of tunneling defects universally existing in the Low Temperature Physics of Amorphous Solids.

“I wish to acknowledge everybody who takes care of A Studio in the Woods for creating a pleasant and highly supportive environment. Being here I succeeded in my research task to investigate corrections to energy transport in dipole-moment-conserving systems that should end up with strong publications and help my group to secure external funding.” – Alexander Burin