Apply for Rising: Climate in Crisis Residencies

Proposals are due April 13th and residencies will be awarded by June 12th, 2020.

Rising: Climate in Crisis Residencies at A Studio in the Woods invite artists to examine the severity of the climate crisis and be agents of change to guide our collective understanding, response, and vision as we shape our shared future. New Orleans and the inhabitants of our region are frequently invoked as some of the most vulnerable to the effects of environmental degradation. While sea levels, temperatures and emotions are rising, our highly manipulated landscape can be seen as a microcosm of the global environment, manifesting both the reckoning and hope which are required in the ways humans interact with shifting urban and natural ecosystems. As the climate crisis moves beyond coastal communities and permeates the collective understanding of the future, the challenges faced by Southern Louisiana resonate exponentially. We look to artists to ignite our imaginations, illuminate our challenges, and offer new ways to examine the world.

Rising Residencies will provide artists with time, space, scholarship and staff support to foster critical thinking and creation of new works. The call is open to artists of all disciplines who have demonstrated an established dialogue with environmental and culturally related issues and a commitment to seeking and plumbing new depths. We ask artists to describe in detail how the region will affect their work, to propose a public component to their residency and to suggest ways in which they will engage with the local community. Direct questions to Cammie Hill-Prewitt at or 504-407-4410.

Proposals are due April 13th and residencies will be awarded by July 1, 2020.

Residencies are 6 weeks and will take place between September 2020 and May 2021. Flexibility in your dates is appreciated as we try to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

Local, national, and international visual, musician/composing, performance, literary, new media, and interdisciplinary artists are eligible to apply. Both established and emerging artists may apply, but a rigorous work ethic and demonstrated commitment to public engagement are expected. Artists of color are encouraged to apply and we are particularly interested in receiving applications from indigenous artists. Students are not eligible. Collaborative teams of up to two artists can be in residence, please contact for instructions on how to apply as a collaborative team.

A multidisciplinary jury will judge proposals on the following criteria:

  • The creativeness and integrity of the proposal
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with colleagues and wider audiences
  • Projects that are deeply respectful of the communities and individuals with whom they interact
  • The proposal’s public component and its depth of engagement with the community

Recipients will be provided $2500 as a stipend and $2000 towards materials. Artists will also have the opportunity to work with an external evaluator/ally. Depending on the needs of the project, we may be able to assist artists in accessing Tulane University faculty consultants or research collections. We provide full room and board including food, utilities for living and studio space to selected residents. Residents are expected to cover personal living expenses, additional materials and supplies, and any other expenses relating to the cost of producing work incurred while in the program. Travel and shipping expenses to and from A Studio in the Woods for the residency are also the responsibility of the artist.


Please review the following guidelines closely and direct any questions to Cammie Hill-Prewitt at or 504-407-4410.

1. Complete the online Application Form and References, $20 application fee is also paid via this form.

2. Submit the following on Dropbox:

  • Proposal of work
  • Resume
  • Work Samples
  • Image list/description (optional)

Proposal, resume and work samples should be submitted via Dropbox. Please submit all materials as individual documents in a Dropbox folder. (Note some people have had trouble accessing the free Dropbox level, it is called basic and can be found here: ) “Share” your folder with and include link to Dropbox folder in the online application form. Click here for instructions on how to share your folder. Title all files with your name (last name first), the item, and no extraneous spaces or punctuation. For example: LastnameFirstnameApp.doc, LastnameFirstnameResume.doc, LastnameFirstnameWorksample1.jpg. Please format all as PDF, JPG, DOC, or PPT files. Due to their large size, please send audio/video samples as links if possible or contact for other submission options.

The proposal should be no more than three pages in length. Topics to address could include:

  •  Start the proposal with a 1-2 sentence synopsis of the proposed project.
  • What you envision as your ultimate creation/contribution and how you might introduce & present it.
  • Individuals, groups and/or resources in New Orleans and beyond whom you would like to engage.
  • How you and your work will interact with the local community.
  • How will you define “success” for this project and how will you measure it? What are your short-term and long-term goals? We recognize that 6 weeks may be only the beginning of a long-term project.
  • All residents will work with an evaluator. How do you think this could benefit your process?
  • Provide a general timeline for the project.
  • What materials and/or equipment will you require to be successful?
  • Give an example of a past project(s) that demonstrates your ability to execute this one. If engaging directly with communities, give examples of how you built trust and/or created reciprocity.
  • If applying as a collaborative team, please comment on your history working together and how this collaboration is integral to the project you are proposing.
  • Please note that A Studio in the Woods does not have capacity to maintain artists’ projects beyond the residency period.

A current resume that includes important or significant publications, awards, or reviews.

10 images, 10 pages or 10 minutes of audio/video. Image List/Sample Description optional.

Visual Artists:

  • 10 images representative of your most recent work
  • Image list with title, date, size, media and brief description

Musicians / Composers:

  •  2 sample recordings of your work not to exceed 5 minutes each (excerpts accepted, please identify the selection to be considered)
  •  Scores that accompany the recordings

Performing Artists:

  • 2 video clips of your performances not to exceed 5 minutes each (excerpts accepted, please identify the selection to be considered)
  • Script or short description describing your selections

Literary Artists:

  • 10 page writing sample (excerpts accepted, please identify the selection to be considered)

New Media and Interdisciplinary Artists:

  • Please review other categories to determine what materials to submit

A Studio in the Woods does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or national origin.