We’re Hiring: Operations Coordinator and Outreach & Marketing Coordinator

August 2, 2022

We are hiring for two positions: Operations Coordinator and Marketing & Outreach Coordinator!

[APPLICATION CLOSED] The Outreach & Marketing Coordinator will be our community liaison, serving as the connector between our programs, artists, and audiences. In collaboration with Studio staff, they will serve as the primary storyteller for the organization as well as acting as project lead for public programs, guiding our team in creating dynamic events that engage our audiences and support our residents.

[APPLICATION CLOSED] The Operations Coordinator will support the residency, event, and rental activity at A Studio in the Woods by coordinating the smooth functioning of the built environment. This includes monitoring buildings for needed maintenance, coordinating with Tulane facilities department, orienting residents to the space, and managing facility rentals.

Questions? Contact us at info@astudiointhewoods.org