Katie Holten’s “New York City Tree Alphabet” featured in Hyperallergic

February 26, 2019

2012 Ebb & Flow Resident Katie Holten has created the New York City Tree Alphabet, and soon will lead the planting of messages with the living typeface.

“Planting trees is political,” Katie Holten told Hyperallergic. And soon, plantings in New York City may spell out messages of resistance, love, or other expressions from the local community. In dialogue with the NYC Parks Department, the Irish-born, New York-based artist designed the New York City Tree Alphabet. Ranging from the elm with its twisting branches for “E,” to the cone-shaped umbrella pine for “U,” each letter of the Latin alphabet is used to highlight one of the city’s native or non-native trees. The selections also represent how the urban forest is transforming due to environmental changes. Click here to read the full article.