Panel of archivists involved in “EMPIRE” discuss the installation

May 2, 2018

A recent panel of archivists from the ten collections that loaned objects to Newcomb Art Museum’s current “EMPIRE” was held to discuss the role of archives on campus and the museum installation created by Fallen Fruit.

During the panel, the archivists discussed challenges that collections face and the significant role that material objects and digital recordings play in the narratives that scholars and other storytellers forge. “Most debated was the Fallen Fruit artists’ choice to display objects without wall labels,” said Rebecca Snedeker, Clark Executive Director of the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South and the evening’s moderator. “It was a decision to omit contextual information for singular objects in service of the more general experiment to create an assembled reflection of the histories of Tulane, New Orleans, and our colonial and racist past and changing ecology.” Click here to read the full article.