Fallen Fruit hopes to plant 300 citrus trees in New Orleans

January 10, 2018

In honor of the city’s tricentennial year, Fallen Fruit is teaming with local individuals, organizations, and the city park department to plant 300 citrus trees in New Orleans public areas throughout 2018.

David Burns and Austin Young, co-founders of Fallen Fruit, the organization behind the effort, described the trees as a simple way to invest in a community and make life better for many people, including those you may never get the chance to meet. Public access orchards with a range of citrus — from grapefruit to kumquat — are planned for the Bayou Bienvenue Wetland Triangle in the Lower 9th Ward and Pontchartrain Park in Gentilly. “It’s nice to think about how this might perform 20 years from now, when someone is walking down the street and they can see fresh fruit and know that they can pick it,” Young said. “It kind of makes the city a more generous place to be.” Click here to read the full article.