Andy Behrle’s “a year and one day” featured in Pelican Bomb

January 31, 2013

2012 Ebb & Flow Resident Andy Berhle designed and created “a year and one day” as he explores the issues of erosion and accretion.

Physical space is his preferred canvas. With previous installations filling gallery halls with various assemblages of earth, water, ceramic tile, and mud, Behrle’s instinct is to rearrange the base elements of the world in such a way as to provoke our individual reassessment of, and thereby reassembly around, them. Behrle is interested in the natural cycles of life, cycles that “a year and one day” seeks to explore in playful ways. The roof, for instance, is stocked with an herb garden from which anyone—be they tall enough—is welcome to pick. The mounds of soil inside the retaining wall are seeded with native Louisiana plants and shrubs, which will erode with the elements and change with the seasons to reflect the state’s precious biodiversity. Click here to read the full article.