Hye Sea

Artistic Rising: Climate in Crisis
Type of work
Visual Artist

Hye Sea is an artist, alchemist, and a steward of the earth.

Hye Sea’s residency project focused on documenting the stories of those who are devoted to being stewards of the land and earth. She created a solar-engraved collection of portraiture and collage to shine a light on Black, melanated, and/or Indigenous identified stewards. Her intention is to take viewers on a journey into the medicine each steward has discovered through their collaboration with the land and earth; their homage to the divine; their embrace of a multi-layered existence and what it looks like to trust in the wisdom found in nature.

Her materials include reclaimed wood, used paper from local libraries, earth and mineral pigments and regenerative sources of paint aka solar rays. Hye Sea’s inclination to prioritize local, up-cycled and ethically sourced materials stem from Hye Sea’s connection to nature where waste is a nonexistent thing. The foundation of her artwork is rooted in a knowing—that we already have everything we need. And oftentimes, our problems stem from an unwillingness to alchemize the resources and tools that are right in front of us.

Hye Sea’s solar engraving practice is how she pays tribute to the natural worlds and those that have long communicated through glyphs. Her intention is to remind us of our connection to the forces of nature available for connection & collaboration. Visit Hye Sea’s website to learn more.

Photo by Elif Fatima
Gallery photo by Melissa Cardona